Thursday, May 7, 2015

Saying Goodbye to Springville

I figured it was about time I got this party started again.  Things have been extremely crazy since we packed up and moved back to Oregon and I'm afraid I let all the disorganization and chaos keep me from updating everyone on what's been going on in our lives lately.  So to start it off, I thought I'd backtrack to our house listing which was posted only a couple of days after that last post I did in September.

A couple months prior to that I had started slowly packing up, selling off and donating a majority of our stuff to start getting ready for staging.  We decided to try and sell the house on our own without a realtor, so I knew it was going to have to be spotless to basically sell itself.  We rented a small storage unit to hide away all our extra clutter (which now I'm realizing 10 months later we should have just gotten rid of in the first place).  After about two months of slow progress we finally felt ready to put it on the market.  Chris was in a good place at work to take off, and we figured based on how other houses had sold in our neighborhood that we would most likely be looking at around a month on the market.

The good news is that after only three days and seven showings, our house sold!  All that hard work paid off.  The new owners wanted a quick three week move in date, which we were happy to oblige, but it created a bit of stress to get the rest of the house packed up so quickly.  My parents were amazing as always and flew in to help the last couple days.  We ended up needing TWO moving trucks.  TOO MUCH STUFF.  Chris left his car at work in Utah as we realized late in the game that moving so quickly meant that he'd have to come back for a two month stint later after we'd settled in a new home.  He drove one truck, dad drove the other and I drove Zena (aka. Mercedesaurus).  We arrived in Oregon on October 10th.  Yahoo!

And of course the story goes on from there, but I'll stop for today and leave you with those final Springville listing photos.  A few things you'll see that I never got around to posting about sadly, but it's fun to see the final project first anyway, right?

Here ya go!