Friday, October 19, 2012

Guest Suite

In honor of my parents being in town and actually using the guest room, I thought I would finally show you all the end product.  Since the room had been previously painted the wonderful color of Divine Buttery when I was originally using it as a craft room, it already had the means to be an amazing Oregon Duck themed room.  When Chris first moved in Mary hung a few Duck photos on the wall, so naturally, everything Oregon related that I brought with me in the move went into that room.  It was kind of a lot, so I'm giving all my Beaver friends a heads up that you may need to rent a hotel room if you decide to come visit us.

When I finally got the room all situated I realized there was one thing I was missing...a duck decor pillow.  I really needed one to complete the vibe.  I considered looking online at the Duck store, but then I remembered I actually had some Oregon fabric on hand already.  Knowing Chris and I would be starving when we got to our hotel after our wedding night, Mary hooked us up with an Oregon fabric lined basket full of delicious goodies to gobble up.  It was heaven.  I dug the fabric out of my collection to see if it was big enough to work.  Yep!

I knew I had a throw pillow that wasn't being used as I had recently retired it from a knitting experiment I created a few years ago.  The knit pillowcase just wasn't gonna cut it in this house...although I may try again with a fresh pattern now that I have a new palette to work with downstairs.  Anywho.  Here's the pillow.

Exciting, right?

Next step was to figure out the size I'd need to cut the squares.  Some quick measuring revealed I would have about 2 extra inches of fabric left over.  Luck was on my side.

I got out my trusty rotary blade and went to town.

Next step was to put the two right sides together and sew a half inch border around three sides, only leaving a small gap for the pillow to slide through at the bottom.  Then turn it right side out and pillowcase. 

All that was left was to stuff the pillow in and sew the last small section together.  Here is my sweet new Duck pillow!

Now for the final room reveal.  To remind you of what the empty space looked like to begin with, here it is, complete with striped walls.

And now here it is all Ducked out!

It may just be my favorite room in the house for obvious reasons.  I think now that my parents are here it may be the kitties favorite place as well.

Dwight looks very Sphinx-like on the bed.

And Farrah loves her grandma's suitcase.

I hope everyone wants to come visit us now that they know what an awesome room they get to stay in!!!


  1. Oh, I absolutely LOVE it! So glad I bought enough fabric. :) Can't wait to come and visit again.

  2. that is awesome! I will obviously love the room when I come to visit one day.

  3. Cute! Perfect Duck room. Can't wait to stay in it!

    - Friend