Sunday, June 2, 2013

Garden Update

We finally got all the beds done week before last and I was able to get everything planted before we left on our Memorial Day trip to Washington/Portland.  I was absolutely amazed at the growth over the time we were gone.  It's so fun watching the ones you plant from seeds take off.  The new transplants I picked up at a Provo nursery are finally rooting themselves and starting to grow too.

We can already start picking that spinach.  Nom!

Few empty lettuce and onion spots I may try to fill, but doubtful they will grow before the crazy heat hits.

Yes, I added pots because I had extra tomato plants that I couldn't fit.  Tomato craziness!

Corn and peppers for days...

I altered my original plans a little bit because I decided not to fill the berm with flowers this year.  I've got some of the melons and extra vine plants growing there now, so I added a few new things and switched stuff around.

Perhaps the thing I am most excited about though is that black beauty in the back corner there.  Can you believe we FINALLY get to compost?!  YIPPEE!

Next week I'll post again to show you the new garden stakes I am working on.  Gonna be so cool!


  1. Fun! I am so behind in my garden. I got started with spring planting, then potted a ton of flowers... and still haven't gotten around to summer veggies. I need to get those tomatoes in the ground!

    1. I did mine late last year and I still got TONS Tiff!

  2. Looks great! I only have herbs this year. Not even one tomato plant! I may put a pumpkin in somewhere - I think that Will might enjoy seeing that grow. What kind of composter did you get?

  3. This is the one we purchased, though it's out of stock now:

    This one looks similar though:

    I shopped forever! It's hard to find a decent one...they are all so spendy. They have Earth Machine composters for sale through our city waste plant, but of course the guy didn't tell me when they came in like he said he would and they sold out already! Grrrrrr.