Friday, October 25, 2013

Afghan #2

About four years ago I made my first knitted afghan...this little beauty that you see below.

It took me all of my Nike sabbatical time (ok really I was temping and let go for a three month period before getting rehired again) to make.  I'm pretty sure I spent about $300 on all that yarn...nice yarn.  It will probably go down in history as the most time spent and most money spent on a knitted project ever for me.  Btw I was living a rent free life back at my parents during this time if you are wondering about my sanity.  Not that that makes for a very good excuse...

This time I wanted to make a nice throw for the downstairs family room.  I had purchased a cheap Ikea blanket as a filler when I first moved, but it was quickly getting ratty and needed to be replaced.  Opting to be more economically savvy this time I went to the JoAnns superstore up in Provo as I knew they would have a decent yarn selection.  Yes, there was going to be acrylic in this one, sigh.  Armed with my 50% off coupons I purchased a few different brands of wool blend yarns all of bulky weight.  After knitting up a few swatches of various stitches I decided on Bernat Roving.

While it is 80% acrylic / 20% wool, it was still super soft once knitted up.  A lot of times acrylics feel soft in the skein and get really rough and not pleasant in their knitted state.  Since it does have wool, I'll have to be careful when washing, but it was worth it.  So fluffy.

The stitch I chose is called the Irish Moss stitch and looks like this.

I wanted something that looked modern and that I wouldn't get tired of.

This baby took me 16 skeins...roughly $50 after all my coupons.  It measures 54" x 72" and I worked on it about a month off and on between other projects.

Much cozier than that old Ikea blanket.  Chris and Farrah agree!

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  1. Cute! I really like the color and stitch you chose.