Friday, September 12, 2014

Go Ducks!!!

In honor of football season officially underway, I will now share the quilt I made for my wonderful mother-in-law, Mary.  I figured an Oregon quilt would be a good introduction to creating my own patterns and a perfect gift for a landmark birthday.  This baby did take a lot of man hours and a fair bit of seam ripping and redoing, but was totally worth it.  Special shout out to my SILs, Kelly & Lynn for sending me the Oregon fleece backing...obviously nowhere to be found in Utah!

I had a few designs made up, so you can be sure to see a few more versions of Oregon quilts here pretty soon.  Better put in your orders early before I get sick of making them! ;)

Tomorrow Chris and I will be cheering on the Ducks from our friend Pam's housewarming party up in Syracuse, UT.  Hoping to convert a few people while we're there.



  1. I am the lucky recipient of that beautiful Duck quilt! Isn't it amazing? Love you, Laura!

  2. A beautiful guilt! We'll find the perfect spot for it. Away from the dogs.