Sunday, September 30, 2012

Room Switch

A few days before Chris and I headed back to Portland to get hitched, I realized that I was jealous of Chris' office window.  His view looks out over our backyard with a prime view of the Wasatch Mountain Range.  My craft room window, however, gave me a prime view straight into the neighbor's house if they decided to leave their curtains open.  The builders of our neighborhood didn't quite think about the fact that two mirrored houses right next to one another meant every window on that side of the house looks straight into the other's.

The guest room is the corner room so it has two windows.  One still facing the neighbors, but the other allows me the same view as Chris' office window.  Since guests only come about once every two months or so, I figured I would most likely get to appreciate the view a little more since I go in my room every day.  I decided that when we returned to our home as newlyweds, a room switch was going to be my first project.

Although I absolutely love my yellow and stripe walls, I opted to choose a new color to deck out the new craft room.  I know I'm already using a ton of turquoise downstairs, but it makes me so happy I chose to use it again as a wall color this time.  I did go a little more blue than green this time, though, and chose Sherwin William's color Watery.

Here's what the room looked like after I cleared it of all guest room knick knacks.  Same old boring beige.

As you can see, Farrah was a very good helper throughout this whole clearing/painting process.

Since Chris wasn't home, I couldn't remove the bed since I had no idea how it was put together.  I probably could have figured it out, but decided it would take too much time and I wanted to get painting! 

Next step was priming the entire room.  Have I mentioned how much I hate closets?  Seriously.  Hate.  Them.

Ceiling and trim paint were completed next.

And then time for color! Finally!

Isn't it marvelous?  I love paint.  Not a huge fan of the painting, but truly love paint.

Now I realize I never posted a picture of my completed last craft room and that is because it never really was completed.  I got a little side tracked with wedding and other house projects, so it didn't reach its full potential.  I will show you as far as I got with it though.  Note that I took this picture after having just got home from wedding and already moved a lot of the guest bedroom furniture's a bit chaotic...not my usual style.

Let me assure you that my new craft room, which I have been slowly piecing together this week, is MUCH cooler.  I already can't believe how awesome it looks and the new guest room is stellar as well.   Stay tuned to see more pictures of both!


  1. WOW...that looks great! That's MY girl!! Will there be anything left for me to do when mom & I visit!?

  2. That's exactly what I was thinking, John. Darn! So, should I be looking for new bedding on sale for the guest room that matches yellow? I need to get a swatch of the color. That IKEA bedding we bought Chris when he first moved has got to go. Or maybe he bought it? Can't remember.

    Good job, Laura. Everything looks so much more homey now!

  3. No worries, Mary. It's still a Duck room, so bedding and everything is good. It's actually the only complete room in the house so far. Lol. I'll post pictures soon!

  4. Do you remember the name of your yellow?