Sunday, May 5, 2013

Rock Garden

I really wanted to attack the back berm with flowers this year, but quickly realized that might not be a great idea considering 1) I've never planted a flower garden before and 2) It's HUGE.

I figured I should probably start off small and make sure that I wasn't going to fail completely before spending a lot of money.  I cleaned up last year's upper vegetable garden area and decided it would be a good first try spot.

After I got the area bordered and the soil prepped, I had Chris go with me to pick up some rocks around around the neighborhood to give it a bit more character.  We seriously had to go one block and found A TON in one of the many empty lots.  Once I got those placed it was time to started planting.

I had opted to go with a cool color scheme of only white, purple, blue and pink flowers.  Since I'm basically teaching myself as I go, I'm really hoping that the nursery I got all the plants from isn't lying about what can survive here.  I also hope I didn't plant too soon as we've had some crazy weather here this spring.  Cross your fingers they all make it.

I'm sad I don't have a before picture to show you...can you believe I couldn't find one picture of my garden last year?!  Nuts!  Imagine a lot of dirt, corn stalks and many, many weeds.

Here's how it turned out.

Where you see blank spots I have bulbs in.  They will hopefully be irises, lilies and Peruvian daffodils.  I have no idea if they will actually come up.  I have more faith in my tomato seeds actually making it, honestly.

Can't wait to watch it fill in fun!

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  1. If your bulbs don't come up this year, hold off on digging them up - they might come up next spring. Good luck - looks great!