Saturday, May 18, 2013


Thursday we had the pleasure of hosting Chris' family friends, (a.k.a. second family) Dave and Terry Taylor for the night.  They were passing through Springville on the long route back to Oregon from Indio, California and brought with them some delicious wine for us to drink.  We had a blast showing them around the updated house and filling them in on the latest of Utah.  The last time they visited was when they brought Chris his blinds after accidentally shipping them to his parents in Portland!  As you can imagine, a lot had changed!

I thought it would be nice to cook them a meal as I'm sure they had been eating out plenty on their stops in various cities along the way.  Leave it to me though, to pick a meal with meat they don't eat!  This just shows you how rusty my hostess skills are after being away from Portland for a year.  You'd think with all my vegetarian friends I would remember to ask/find out about food preferences, but of course I didn't.  Whomp, whomp.

Terry, I promise next time you'll be able to eat the full meal!

I didn't take pictures, so I'm borrowing the images Terry took of our manicotti meal and posted on her blog, RV Goddess.

For dessert I made the rosemary bread and served with vanilla ice cream and strawberries.  Luckily, this contained no sausage.

On Thursday nights I play softball down in Spanish Fork.  One of the girls I played volleyball with in the fall asked me to join her team and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to meet more people!  Terry and Dave decided they would like to come watch and I was so excited to have some people cheering me on.  They even got Chris to come watch which is a huge feat as he HATES watching baseball/softball.  Yes, even when his wife plays.  What a Scrooge!

All in all, it was a great night and we loved having the pleasure of their company!  And to make their visit even more enjoyable they sent us flowers yesterday as a thank you!  So beautiful and they smell wonderful!

Love you both!

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