Thursday, November 7, 2013


About a month ago I got a request from my seester, Emily, to make my niece, Maddie, a knit kitty hat for Halloween.  She sent me a picture from the Etsy shop, pixiebell, of the hat that she was requesting I copy.

Here is pic and link.

pixiebell cat hat

After a few trial and errors I came up with one that was pretty close.  The shop uses a thicker yarn than one I could find at the local craft store, so I had to double mine and go with the flow.  When I finished, Emily received this photo to let her know.

So obviously, when she received the package in the mail, this is the photo I got back of my nephew, Andrew.

Awesomeness.  Clearly it runs in the family.

While Maddie did not wear her hat out for Halloween, I still got a good picture from Emily to showcase.


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