Monday, July 21, 2014

Quilting Up a Storm

Yes. That's right. I'm back.

At least for today, anyway.  J/k!  I hope...

So I'm aware that this was a very long absence and I blame it on Christmas time crafting.  And then perhaps an extreme case of the lazies.  My bad.  But the important thing is that here I am writing again.  Yahoo!  I have so many projects to share that I was about to burst.  I needed this outlet.  So bear with me as I meander back in time in no particular order to catch you up on things over the last (almost) year.

As you could probably guess from the title of this post, I'm sharing with you a quilt that I made.  Since Christmas I haven't been able to stop quilting.  I caught my grandma's bug.  It's too fun.  Nothing better than a glass of wine, a Pretty Little Liars marathon on Netflix, and designer fabrics underneath my fingertips on a peaceful Utah evening.  Since you heard from me last, I've made nine quilts!

Here is the latest that I finished a few nights ago.  The top piece is made up of Michael Miller fabrics from the Birds of a Feather collection by Mark Hordyszynski.

My grandma took me shopping at Fabric Depot when I was back in P-town a few trips back and wanted to treat me.  Who am I to say no to Grammy?

It's actually the second quilt using this fabric and was originally going to be posted up on Etsy (I kept the first one for myself!) until I read the copyright on the pattern which doesn't allow me to sell it.  BOOOOO!  Looks like it'll be gifted to someone who really needs it!

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  1. photo of the awesome quilt you made me for my birthday??