Friday, August 1, 2014

We're Moving!

That's right!  It's official!  As of October we are free to head back to good ol' P-town.  To sweeten the situation, Chris' company is actually allowing him to stay on with them and work independently from Portland.  Isn't that amazing?!  We feel so fortunate that he works with such an awesome group of people and I feel fortunate that my husband is so amazing that the company doesn't dare let him go!  WIN!

So now all the fun logistics of moving get to begin.  Blah.  This week I started on the long process of clearing out the house and packing non essential for the next few month items.  It's so crazy how much we accumulate in so little time.  Starting early has been great as I found a yard sale site on Facebook for the town of Springville that has over 9,000 members on it.  I've been able to sell a lot of stuff we no longer need to make some cash to put into staging the house for when we put it on the market, and hopefully, some leftover for decorating the new home!

Another great thing about this yard sale site is the treasures I find!  Check out this beauty in need of a little TLC.  $35!  Cray cray.

That'll be a later project since the garage is now full of boxes and we'll be listing the house at the end of the month!  I can't wait to show that one off in the next house.

Speaking of next houses...everyone in Portland/Beaverton/Tigard keep your eyes peeling for a diamond in the rough for us.  We're hoping to find one with a big backyard and plenty of renovation work to keep us busy for years.  Everyone's dream, right? ;)

And as for this house.  She's been great and I'll make sure to show you some of the backyard updates we did before we take off.  In the meantime we can reflect on her front yard beauty as we begin our goodbyes...

(Ignore that uncut grass...that's tomorrow's project!)


  1. We are so happy that you two are heading home soon. Although, Dad is hoping your future home won't need years of work!

  2. Exciting news! When you're coming through the Boise area during your move - let me know and maybe we can try to grab a bit or catch up for a bit! I made packing labels and a master sheet with small details in Excel for our most recent move and they were SO helpful when we were trying to locate items! Good luck :)

    1. That would be so fun! And you are way more organized than me. It's all I can do to keep things from the same rooms in boxes together! Gonna be a nightmare when we unpack. :P

  3. Awww! It's sad that you had to let go of such an adorable house, but it's good that the tradeoff has much potential for greatness. It's also nice that your husband works for such a caring company. It just goes to show how good he is with what he does. Also, that is one amazingly quaint find. I hope everything goes well with your move and all. I wish you all the best!

    Gina Sutton @ The Traditions Realty Team

  4. Can't wait to have you both home!