Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Craft Talkin'

These past few days I've been slaving away on my wedding invites.  I started addressing all of them today with my new found calligraphy skills and now have early onset arthritis.  I finally understand why my teacher told me to only do five per night and start early.  I just cranked out 48 and feel like my hand is in permanent grip position.

I so wish I could share them with you, but you'll just have to wait until after the wedding!

I figured I'd update everyone on my craft room progress since I've been in here the past 4 days straight...10am to 1am (not kidding).  We're BFFs at this point.

I was spacing a bit before we started on this room and totally forgot to snap a few before picks.  Luckily I have Chris's mother who actually remembers to take pictures.  She sent me this one from the last time she came to visit.

Pre Craft Room it was Chris's "Archive" Room (???)

Chris had actually cleaned up this room a few months before I made the big move, so it wasn't this crazy looking.  He knew I'd need a room for my future Etsy work and took the initiative to clear it out ahead of time.  He even threw a few puzzles on my Billy bookshelves because he's the best fiance ever and knows I love them in my spare time.

I figured that as soon as I got this room all unpacked it would be a gigantic mess of wedding stuff, so if I wanted to paint, I better do it before everything went in.  I loved the yellow so much in the kitchen that I decided I would paint this room the same color.  Nice bright color to enhance creativity.  After sifting through a few magazines and reading some blogs I noticed the trend of wall patterns going on right now.  What better room than this one to have some fun, right?  I decided to make the alternating color the same as another room we are doing in the house to not spend more money and I knew it would look great anyway.

Here is the craft room pre all the furniture and my junk moved in.

Same corner as above

Love a freshly trimmed closet

Stripey goodness

Amazing, right?  I LOVE IT.

As soon as this place is actually cleaned up and not a wedding invite spoiler, I will post picks showing how I organized everything.  Hoping to get a few things up on the walls too.

In the meantime, what was your most daring wall paint decision?


  1. I LOVE the stripes! Maybe I should try that!

  2. Love the stripes! The color is great too - Oregon girls love their yellow! Our main living area is a similar color.

    1. Mary turned our guest bedroom into a Duck haven! Perhaps we should find a nice green for in there! LOL