Friday, June 22, 2012

Kitchen Facelift

Apologies for no posting yesterday...I was in invitation zone until 1:00 a.m.  My right arm is going to be ripped when I'm done cranking all these things through my BIGkick machine.  I'm sure that will look great in all the wedding photos.

To back track a bit in time, I'll update everyone on the first project we decided to tackle.  We opted for the kitchen based on how many boxes I had labeled for it versus other rooms in the house.  The "clothing" label was a very close second, but I figured healthy eating was more important than wearing dresses around the house while unpacking.

We opted to start with picking a paint color rather than finding the curtains due to time limitations.  Since I am an extreme beginner when it comes to home improvements, I needed my father's insane (but wonderful) perfectionism here to teach me the basics.  We picked our color from the handy paint swatches that Chris's mother, Mary, gave me when I told her a few months ago I was enlisting her as my trendy paint color picker.  These colors are great and most of the other rooms in the house were selected from this palette as well.

Devine Color Palette w/ color match from Sherwin Williams

I decided to go with a nice, cheerful yellow to really brighten up the room.  Devine Butter was the chosen color.  Not too bright that it would be overwhelming, but enough that it stands out.  Since Sherwin Williams was having a 30% off paint sale, we decided to take it there and get a color match done.  Not exactly the quality of Devine, but certainly still decent.  They did an amazing job with the color matching too, btw, it's perfect.

The reason for all the painting is because the entire house (minus two upstairs rooms Chris painted already) are the below tan color of this before picture.  All the walls.  All the doors.  All the trim.


First step was to prime the walls to make sure the yellow turned out exactly as we wanted.  No sneaky tan muddling into the yellow.  Then we applied a flat white finish to the ceiling and a glossy finish on the trim.

Papa John slaving away on the ceiling
I clearly got the easier job working on the trim

And then finally the butter was slathered on the walls.  Chris made it home just in time to help us finish and get some credit.  After his initial skepticism of a yellow kitchen, he even admits it looks nice and cheery.  Finished with paint below.

So fresh!

So clean!

The first addition to the space we made was a new cabinet purchased at Home Depot.  We figured we wouldn't try to match the wood cabinets because there is no way we could and it would end up looking awful.  Instead we opted for the white multipurpose ones below.  I made a trip to Ikea and purchased a slab of their beech butcher block to give us a cheap counter space.  With the extra piece that we cut off the edge, papa John made us a nice, little back splash.

Added cabinets because I have too much tupperware

You also get a shot of our awesome, new espresso machine.  Chris and I attempted to make our first cups today.  We need a little more practice to achieve the perfect cup, but we'll get there.

So I'm thinking further down the road I just may want to paint the other cabinets white to match and throw on some handles.  I'm just feeling the light, bright living spaces these days.  It's time to leave my years of mourning with everything black behind and venture into a fresh new world of color.  Here is my I'm too tired/lazy to remove the knots and add more contrast Photoshopped version below.

Photoshopped white cabinets

What are your thoughts on painting these white later on?  Do you think I should match the cabinets or leave them contrasting?

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