Thursday, November 8, 2012

Best Parents EVER

A few weeks ago my stupendous parents took a road trip here to Utah to bring us a full car load of wedding decorations, random boxes left at their house and of course refills of laundry detergent, hand soap and toilet paper.  You may laugh at that last little bit, but let me assure you that I have not purchased these items once in the last four years...and I don't intend to start.  Why would I ever go and purchase them myself when there was a perfectly good house across town that was fully stocked with supplies that had been bought for 50% off?  I mean seriously, right?  I'm not expecting this trend to change, just because I'm in Utah.  It's only another 15 hours.

Not only did they bring all the goodies, but they brought Papa John with them as well.  You all know what this means.  We now have an indoor pool, four more bedrooms, and a kitty condo.  All right, not really, but the kitty condo would have been nice.  Maybe next time.

What we really accomplished was painting the entire upstairs hallway, complete with eight door jams, eight doors, and an insane high spot that for about ten minutes I feared my father's life as he stood precariously on the rail and stretched to create a perfect cut in on the ceiling.  I swear he is Superman.  And no, I did not take a picture because I was too busy not looking.

Here is what the hallway looked like pre paint job.


Now check out how stellar and cool it is.

I love how much brighter it is now.  White trim, doors and ceilings amaze me at what a difference they make in a place.  And if you are thinking that there really isn't much change...there really is.  You just need to be here to see it.  Pictures don't do it justice.

Our "B E N C E" photo was a wedding gift courtesy my wonderful friend, Anna.

Since Papa John and Mama Karen were only here for ten short days, we didn't go as crazy on the painting as last time.  We did, however, get one more room done which I'll share with you guys soon.  It's almost as cool as my craft room...almost.

Huge shout out to my parents for making the trip and hanging out with us.  Now if only I could convince Mary to get down here to finish the bonus room ceilings...


  1. Bonus room ceilings! WOW! I'm on the next flight. :)

    But first I want to know where your parents shop for laundry detergent and paper products. Half off?? I missed that memo.

  2. It's just Karen Engdahl and her magic couponing ways. She is only half as much of a hoarder as the people on that couponing show though, so I couldn't try to get her on it. :)

  3. I need to take a quick course in couponing from Karen!