Friday, November 9, 2012

Like A Boss

Chris' room finally received its long awaited make over while the rents were in town.  The color he picked was actually the first color I thought about for my room, but when I decided on going even brighter, he quickly claimed it.  As soon as we started the brushing the color on the walls, I could knew it was the perfect office color for him.

Here is how the room looked before we moved anything out.

 A little crowded, right?  And not very inspiring.

I had a fabulous time puttying all the little tack holes from the papers on the wall btw.

Here it is all cleared out and primed.

And then finally we got to paint the wonderful new color on the wall.  Since we don't have a Miller paint here which is where Divine paint is located, we had Sherwin Williams mix up the color for us in their Duration paint.  The office color is Divine Reflection.  They have done an amazing job every time getting it spot on to the original color.

I didn't take any empty room pictures because everyone was so eager to get it put back together.  After a few days of Chris purging and organizing, here is the finished product.

The dry-erase board was added to allow him to sketch out ideas a little easier.   We made a trip to Home Depot and got the $13 board and about $18 worth of trim.  Looks much cleaner than the papers all over the wall I'd say.  And yes, he is working on a knitting project for me currently if you were trying to read what he has penned on there now.

Next improvement was to take his three year old desk that was getting a little worn on the top and give her a small face lift.  I used one can of black spray paint to cover up all the marks on the top of the desk.  Chris picked up a clear sheet of plastic at Lowe's and had them cut it there to the desk measurements.  Slapped it on top so now the desk won't get ruined again.

And the bookshelf is all organized and refreshed.  Don't mind the creeper in the photo.

What was that?  You wanted a closer look to know what kinds of books Chris reads?  Here ya go!

Oh bad.  Those were my books.  Here is what Chris finds interesting...

Politics and how not to rule a nation.

Rocket Science

Every religion in the world

Trigonometric DELIGHTS

And his own collection of brilliant ideas to save the world.

Seriously, if you're ever curious what cymatics is, just ask Chris and he can give you an in depth lesson.

So there you have it...a brand new office for my main man.  Can you tell he loves it?


  1. Chris is getting a lot of altitude there...can he dunk?

  2. My white son CAN jump! And it looks like he takes after me....trigonometric delights. :) (As if!)

  3. When in high svhool, I thought algebra and geometry had been invented for my pleasure. It was no surprise when Son Steve chose to be a math major in college. Chris is just part of a line.