Saturday, November 24, 2012

Autumn Art

Now that fall is officially over, I thought I would share my burlap wreath I made about a month ago. Apologies for not posting it sooner...I'm sad that I couldn't try to inspire anyone to make their own for the season.  Boo to me for waiting too long.

This wreath was one of those Pinterest inspired ideas of course.  I came across this little nugget below and loved the casual look of it.

I found a few Jo-Anns coupons and headed to the store to get me some burlap and a straw wreath.  I already had a ton of pins leftover from high school sewing class days that never got used.  Here are what my supplies looked like. 

I started out following the directions on the blog post above, but ended up making a few adjustments halfway through which I'll explain once we get there.

To start, the cutting of the squares was quite tedious, but the rolling and pinning turned out to be fun as you slowly got to see the wreath taking shape.  I used my trusty cutting mat and rotary blade to cut my 4.5" squares.

The first round of pinning on the back squares was simple enough.

Here is what it looked like after two full rounds.  This is the side that hangs against the door.

I flipped it over and began pinning the same rolled squares to the top edges of the straw, but was a little disappointed with how it was turning out.  It looked a little too neat and orderly and I wanted more messy, funness.

I read a little further down the blog post and tried using the roll and fold method that was used for the last round on the blog wreath.

It was exactly what I was looking for.  I decided to use that on all three of my last rounds.

Here is what it looked like working on the outer round.

Next was the inside round.

 And, finally, the in between round.

Here is the completed wreath.

Now it was time for embellishments.  After scrolling through some other random blog posts, I stumbled upon this one, which explained how to make a burlap flower bouquet.  I thought it would be fun to create a few of these to put on the wreath instead of a bow.  It definitely needed more jazzing up than a simple bow.

I followed the tutorial and made three roses.

And four button-eye daisies.

Next step was to pin them onto the wreath and cross my fingers it looked good...

I think it actually turned out better than I was expecting it too!  Here is what the finished product turned out looking like hanging on the front door.

And close up!

Yay!  Next up the Christmas wreath!


  1. SO cute!!! Can't wait to see the Christmas list!

  2. Looks great! Not sure if I have the patience for that one :)

  3. Love it! And I like the way you embellished your wreath. - Kathy (using John's Google account)