Monday, January 21, 2013


Sorry for the long absence.  I will blame it on frozen fingers due to the insanely cold winter we've been having here in Utah.

Thought I would share some fun winter photos with you!

Here are my holiday decorations.  I attempted to flock the tree this year just to do something different.  It looked very pretty initially, but by the time we got home from our holiday trip to Portland, it was the saddest, crispiest tree ever.  Awful to take ornaments off and get it out of the house.  Next year no flocking.

One plus side to Springville, Utah is they come a pick up your tree for free!  Just throw it on the curb.  Thank you very much small city.

Since we have no fireplace in this house, I had to get creative on where to hang our stockings.  Good thing I'm now a pro at putty and paint.  Repairing the wall wasn't that fun.  Next year I'll have to get more creative with less labor.

I opted to make my own garland this year which turned out awesome, but I'm most likely never doing again.   That thing took hours!

And I made the wreath out of tree trimmings as well.  Didn't really turn out that pretty.  Whomp whomp.  Next year I know what I'm doing different though!  We learn from our mistakes.

Made some Engdahl family Swedish cardamon bread for the neighbors.  First year making it on my own and it actually turned out delicious!

Here is a shot of our stellar icicles.  Snow + sun + freezing temps = over 4 feet long!

Wouldn't want to be standing under one of these babies when they fall.

Our first big snowfall Chris and I were actually excited (second and third not so much), so we went out and made some snow people.

After the second big snowfall Chris decided to give Xena a mohawk when he finished shoveling the driveway.   We nicknamed her the Mercedesaurus.

Yes, I left it on there when I went to run errands.  Look how badass she is at Walmart.  I got lots of smiles out on the road.

Third snowfall Chris gave her a nose, but I failed to take a picture before it slid off the car.

And here are some fun photos from our Christmas card photo shoot courtesy Kristen when she and Eric were in town.  So funny...the cats were NOT happy!

Hope you all had an amazing holiday season!  Can't believe it's already almost Valentine's!


  1. Everything looks so festive and Christmasy! Your garland and wreath look great, too. I especially love the Mercedesaurus! Happy New Year and Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. So happy to see you're back! And I've made a mental note that we need to order a new stocking later in the year for Leah. The house looks so pretty - can't wait to see it again in person next month.

  3. So fun! Your Christmas card made me laugh. We loved it!