Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Little Leah

Chris and I did something a little crazy a few weeks ago and I blame it entirely on him.

A few Saturday's back Chris' work decided to have their holiday party up in Salt Lake City at the Leonardo building.  There is currently a really cool Da Vinci exhibit there and they thought it would make for a fun family activity.  Truth be told I think the engineers had more fun with the interactive displays than the little kids did.  Especially Chris.

After touring we all grabbed lunch at the cafe there on site and got to know some of his coworkers and their families a little better.

It was still early by the time we finished up so Chris suggested on the way home we stop at the Humane Society where he got Dwight.  I knew this was a bad idea, but he simply wouldn't listen.  I warned him the whole way there that he was going to either have a new cat or a very angry wife on the way home.  See I have this small addiction called "crazy cat lady" that basically makes me want to take home every cat I see.  I've never gone to rehab for it, so I knew we'd be screwed.

Sure enough as soon as we walked in I spotted her.  The dinkiest little, fluffy calico girl.  She was so friendly and wonderful.  After we spent about an hour walking around and visiting all the others I had to go back one more time to see the calico girl.  Chris could tell that I was in love and started testing her for weaknesses.  He sat down in the chair in the room and checked to see if she was a lap cat.  Sure enough, she jumped up and started getting cozy.  We found a toy and tested her playfulness factor.  Check.  Every test she seemed to pass with flying colors.

We debated for the next half hour.

Me: "My mom is gonna be so mad."
Chris: "But, she'll love her when she meets her."
Me: "More litter boxes to clean. And how will she get along with the others?"
Chris: "They'll get over it like Dwight and Farrah did."
Me: "Our friends will think we are crazy...well yours will.  Mine will be ecstatic."
Chris: "I really don't care."
Me: "Look at her! So fluffy and cute."
Chris: "I think we should get a beer and then decide."
Me: "Great idea."

So of course we all know which way that one beer was gonna sway us.  We (and by we I mean me) just need a little boost to pull the trigger.  After an hour in the bar with the same conversation on repeat, we finally decided to go for it.

We got her all packed up and brought her home.

Introducing our third fluff, Leah!

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  1. A new grand-cat! Yay! Welcome, Leah. Can't wait to meet you next month.