Thursday, April 18, 2013

Where the heck is my spring?

I'm growing crazy anxious over here to start getting my little seedlings planted.  We keep getting one week warmth teases that get my hopes up.  I thought I was moving to a state with better weather...what gives?  It seriously has snowed here twice in the past two weeks.  Makes it very hard to leave the snugly comfort of heating inside the house to brave the mounds of dirt in the backyard and to work on projects in the garage...which is all I want to do!  Cabin fever!

So now that I got my complaining out, let me show you what I actually have been able to do on the last couple sunny days.

Chris and I ordered 12 yards of dirt to fill in the garden space after bumping the wall out another 3 feet into the lawn.  Then we got 6 yards of compost to eventually fill our 4 planter boxes and mix in for flower garden areas.  After MANY wheelbarrow trips we got the dirt moved.  Since we've only gotten enough pallet wood so far for two boxes, it's all I've been able to get filled.  Chris dug up the old sprinkler line and added a split for me so I can have a hose attachment in each bed.  They are gonna be so splendid once they are finished!

I got the second box done today and also added some of last year's leftover mulch to the pathways so weeds will stay out and I won't get muddy feet if it rains.  I cannot even begin to describe how much better it's gonna look when it's all done.  This yard needs so much work!  I blame the weed lot behind us and our lack of fence for its current state.  Not us.

Here is a progress pic.

And one with our stellar mountains.

Here is pretty much what it looked like last year, minus the giant hole.

The back corner will be a flat mulched space to put our new compost bin.  So happy we can finally start being Oregonians again...even this little bit!

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