Sunday, July 8, 2012

Living in the Living Room

I told you I'd share the living room with you when it was cleaned up.  Finally got that done a few days ago and took some pics.   Once again I forgot to take before pictures, but I think it might have been cheating even if I did because that room was an insane mess of boxes and random things for pretty much the entire month after I moved in.  Took me awhile to pick away at everything and find them new homes.

Here is another before picture that Mary sent me of the living room.  The only updates to this room since this picture was taken and I moved in are black leather couches, a few potted plants, and the pictures shown below were up on the walls. 

Barren landscape

I think Chris was planning on me moving to Utah all along and never bothered doing anything downstairs because he knew it would be my domain.  Smart one that feller.

Did you take note of the all tan walls, ceiling & trim?  Here is a snapshot of Papa John before he left working away on the new vanilla walls. 


He is exceptionally talented, isn't he?

I went with vanilla because it looked so good with the yellow in the kitchen (think stripes in the craft room).  Yes, it may be slightly boring right now, but I promise when my vision is fully complete and there is deco on the walls it will be awesome.  In the meantime, here is what it currently looks like in the living room.

Pretend you can't see the pictures in the background

Can't wait to jazz up the table

My cute end table all situated in it's home

And I have proof.  Chris actually likes the room too.  In fact, he's in there more than I am reading all his smart people magazines.

Typical weekend morning

In a few of the photos you can see the line we made where the vanilla stops by the stairs.  Here is a close up of it so you can see the difference in color.  The change doesn't look as drastic in the photos as it does in real life.

Vanilla vs. Tan

The line is because we didn't have time to do the upstairs before Papa John left and we also didn't have a means to get all the way to the ceiling in that section.  It will be continued upstairs when the rents come out for a fall visit.  Also being worked on then will be the patio and pergola.  Can't wait!!!


  1. This is a test, Laura, to see if my name shows up.

  2. Now let's see if a photo shows up!

  3. OK, now that I figured that out (with Chris' help!), I'll say that I love the "new" living room! The placement of the couches is great too, since there's that awkward space between the LR and eating area.

    Have you left me any walls to paint if I come out? I suppose I could spruce up the guest room! :)

    1. Mary, I've left the entire upstairs for you. Including all the doors and trim. ;)