Saturday, July 7, 2012

Our Fabulous Fourth

Hope you all had an amazing 4th of July!

Chris and I had a blast this year here in Utah.  We ended up having the neighbors across the street over for dinner at our place.  A family of four...two super cute girls who like to come visit Chris and I when we are outside.  The oldest is in love with Dwight and calls him "secret kitty" because he's always slinking around out back in the all the weeds.

We barbecued kabobs, burgers and sausages.  The kabobs were brought over by the neighbors and were absolutely delish.  Full of chicken, shrimp, beef, and yummy veggies.  I made a pesto pasta salad and cut up fruit.  They also brought over amazing cookies for dessert.

After dinner we played a bit of cornhole out in the front while we waited for their family to show up for fireworks.

Cornhole out in the front

Chris had been slaving away all day out in the garage working on his firework show.  I gave him permission to buy a few more after his show the previous night was so awesome.  You give that boy and inch, he'll take a mile when it come to fireworks.  This is what his creation ended up as pre show.

Firework mania!

Pretty insane, huh?  That took him a good four hours to build.

When it finally got dark, more people started showing up.  Here is the view across the street.

Good turnout for the show

Our neighbors next door got home from having dinner with their families and set up camp with us.  Chris and I had taken a break earlier that day from our work and gone over there to mention the fireworks show we were putting on.  This was the added bonus for us going over there to chat with them.

Little fluff puppies!

Sooo sleepy


Look at that face!!

They are so stinkin' cute I can't stand it.  It's really hard not to snatch one when are so adorable.  Chris and I are being good, though, don't worry.  No puppies for now.

But back to the fireworks.  The neighbors across the street had a bunch to set off as well.  Their family brought sparklers for the kids and had a great show of their own.  I believe I mentioned last post that aerials are legal here in Utah as of two years ago.  You should have seen the sky lighting up.  It was pretty cool.  When the neighbor's stash finally died down Chris got his show set up out in the street.  I didn't manage to catch any super awesome aerial shots because I'm still learning how to work our new camera and gave up about a third of the way into the show because I was missing it all.  Here are some that I did get.

Carefully constructed lineup

Sparkling in the sky

All in all it was a pretty awesome evening.  Looking forward to hanging out more with our neighbors in the future!

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