Wednesday, July 4, 2012

This Little Table of Mine

You guys remember a few weeks ago when I brought home this little beauty from a second hand store nearby?

Fresh from Pak Rat's

When I finally got the living room somewhat put back together the other day, I realized that I really could not stand those forest green table legs any longer.  I decided that it would be my first furniture project.  I also figured it would be a good choice for a first timer like me since it was so small as well.  And now that Papa John left us on Monday, all of the house projects were now up to me unless I wanted to beg Chris for help after he got home from work.  Which I really don't want to have to do much.

I did have him show me how to use the electric sander, though, so I wouldn't screw anything up.  We took the table out to the garage and got the top down to a nice, light finish.  All fresh and new looking.

Yesterday was painting/staining day while Chris was at work.  Out to the garage I went with determination.  I grabbed the electric drill and the bit I needed and got those table legs off.  Then went to town with two coats of primer.  The heat here in Utah right now is so crazy that paint dries in about 10 minutes.  It's nice that it speeds up the process, but when it comes time for the nice thick furniture paint to go on, you want to scream because it gets so sticky within about two brush strokes.  I was freaking out a little because the strokes were so heavy looking.  When Chris came home and opened the garage door I had a panic attack because the heat and sun were showing me some not so pretty results.  I comforted myself knowing that it was only a $20 thrift store table.  I could get some tips online before starting some of the bigger projects.

After dinner and about 4 hours of drying time, I went back out to the garage to start the reassembly.  I was so excited to see that the brush strokes had completely minimized and everything looked great!  The color was perfect.   I got the table legs put back on and grabbed the varnish we bought at Ikea for the butcher block top on the new cabinets in the kitchen.  Two coats later it was fit for a living room.

In between the coats we had a small pre-4th of July fireworks display.  Chris is somewhat of a pyro and fireworks maniac.  It's totally awesome as long as he doesn't hurt himself.  He took half of one of those packaged firework kits and strung them all up up a wood structure he created.  Since the big, cool fireworks are legal here in Utah (no idea why when we've had a fire every single day here for the last 3 weeks because it's so dry), he stuck a set of those at the end for the finale.  Some of the neighbors were still out from lighting a few of theirs, and they were so amazed at the spectacle.  I was so proud of my pyro fiance.  Since we still have half the fireworks, Chris will put on another show tonight.  I'll remember to take pictures this time!

But back to my wonderful end table.  Here she is...a fruit of my labor and love.

Light and wonderful

So you can now see the color scheme I'll be going for with most of the downstairs.  I'm shooting for a very light, airy feel.  Slowly try to weed out all the black as much as I can.  Couches will have to wait for a few years though as I'd like to save up for some nice ones.  Chris bought the ones we have fairly recently too, so we need to get some good use out of them.

I will update you with pictures of the freshly painted living/family room soon now that I have it fairly organized.

In the mean time, hope you all have a happy and safe 4th of July!

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