Monday, July 30, 2012

Crane's Quilts

My grandma makes amazing quilts.  Amazing, beautiful, fun, creative quilts.  One day I aspire to be as good at combining colors and patterns as she is to make these fabulous arrangements.

With her help I recently created my first quilt which is a larger version of the one she created below called "Scrappy Pinwheels."

It was so much fun...but it took SO LONG!

I cannot believe how she continues to churn out these gorgeous works of art.  It never ceases to amaze me every time I head over to visit that she has about two or three more done...each more jaw dropping than the last.  I love that her quilts are not your typical country kitchen quilts, but use fun, wild patterns and fabrics to make a much more contemporary look.  Not many people lean towards making this style and it just proves how contemporary that brain of hers is.

Someday I will have my own shop on the wonderful website called Etsy.  Until then, though, I will continue to live vicariously through her.  If you haven't checked out her shop in awhile, we just posted three new quilts.

Here we have "Petite Fleur."  Grandpa actually named this one that since we didn't like the original pattern name.  Grandpa, by the way, is an exceptionally amazing helper at assisting in these photos!

Next up is "Large Flower Snowballs."  This one is so intensely rich and vibrant.  She used all of her favorite designer, Kaffe Fassett's, fabrics.

And finally, this one is called "Let's take a Whirl."  As I was posting this on her shop the other day, I almost stopped so I could just drive back over and ask if I could be the proud owner because it's so magnificent.  I decided that this could be my next attempt a quilt making myself, though, and gear it towards the colors I'm selecting in my house.  I'm still having doubts when I look at it again!

So basically I would like to give a huge shout out to my amazing grandma, Marlene.  I know that much of my love for crafty creativeness came from her.  In fact, she was my knitting teacher way back in middle school.  And most recently my quilting teacher.  Two things I hope someday to pass on the deep family love for (her father was also a knitter who used to make and sell beanies, mittens and scarves up at Timberline Lodge before they had shops.)

If you haven't visited her site on Etsy recently, here is the link to check it out:

And don't forget to pass it on! 


  1. Your grandma is awesome and so are her quilts! My mom was a quilter too; I'll have to show you the quilts she's made me sometime.

  2. Mary & Steve, my late mother, companion Jim, and I were in Amish country, Adams county, Ohio, a few years back. Mary spotted a quilt on a rack with many other quilts and when she pointed it out to me, I.knew I had found the quilt I, had tbeen looking for.

    We were staying at an inn nearby and I slept on the decision to buy it. It was $1500. Steve videotaped the purchase. Mary put in an inheritance claim and I said, "Only if second son Randy gets the
    oak desk!"

    The desk along with a tall oak serving cart in Randy's home. I'm downsizing. One might say, "Lucky Mary! She will soon have an Amish quilt." I'm 83 but buried my mother who died at 98, so Mary may not.have the quilt soon.

    1. I just missed going to the quilt show here in town when I moved in in June. Mary and Chris actually went to it a few years back and said it was quite amazing. Quilts are such fabulous works of art.

      You should send me a picture of what yours looks like! :)

  3. Laura, your grandmother's quilts are indeed creative works of art. If I weren't downsizing, I'd be a customer for sure.