Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tequila Mockingbird

No, Tequila Mockingbirds were not a drink served at my bridal shower Saturday before last, but I thought it was quite the clever name for one at a book themed party.  I agree it might have been a little strong for a Sunday afternoon get together, but thought it was funny when the girls mentioned it.  We did, however, have some delicious champagne and juice drinks provided by my friend Anna.

So have I mentioned that I have great friends?  My bridal shower is one example of how creative and thoughtful they are.  Everywhere I looked was another one of my favorite things.  And I was so blown away at how stinkin' cute Kristen made her home for me. 

Against my nature, I actually got to her house early and happened to be the first person there.  I snapped a few pics before the table of goodies got destroyed.  But, true to my nature (and apparently everyone else at the party) I took no pictures once guests started to arrive.  I got so caught up in seeing everyone and chatting that three hours simply flew by and I didn't get one single picture of myself or friends. WHOOPS.  Next shower I promise I'll remember!

Here are the few pre shots I did manage to snap.  And Kristen always told me she wasn't crafty...

Table with Swedish Fish, wrapped mini cookies, peanut butter filled pretzels, white bread & Lamb's red velvet cake. MMMMmmmmm.

The cake was absolutely delicious and so cute!  The Portland guestbook was such a fun idea now that I'm in's my new coffee table book.

She put together the L-O-V-E frames herself.

Fun paper chains (made from dictionary pages) and poofs.

She also made this wreath out of the dictionary paper.  So awesome!

She wrapped up all her books on this refurbished Craigslist shelf to get even more into the theme.

And here are the oh-so-wonderful invites that she sent out to everyone.  Designed by Kristen and printed at Kinko's.  She used dictionary pages as envelope liners!

This was the gift I opened from the whole group of ladies at the shower plus a few others that weren't able to make it.

The inside was cut out to reveal a full on Spa day at McMenamin's Edgefield the week before the wedding.  Best friends ever!!!

And of course, here is the adorable kitty paper Kristen wrapped my gift in.  LOVE and want to steal.

A big THANK YOU to all my friends for the amazing time I had at my Bridal Shower.  I can't wait to get pampered with that gift!

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  1. the shower was decorated so well! I didn't take any pictures of people either:( But I did of some of the decor. Loved it.