Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Night Treats

I tried another new recipe from Better Home and Gardens tonight.  It was delicious.

Lately I've been working on putting together a recipe book to get rid of all my random scraps torn out from magazines and printed in random forms off the internet.  While searching on BHG website for some of their recipes to cheat and copy and paste, I noticed one called Rosemary-Strawberry Shortcake Pizza.  I remembered seeing it in one of the latest issues and thinking it was a maybe then.  Realizing I had a lot of strawberries to go through since my local Walmart was out of the smaller containers, I figured "why not?"  The neighborhood garden exchange lady had a plethora of rosemary so I walked the few blocks to snip one off (she told me I could...I swear).

As I was making it I was thinking to myself, "this cannot be good...I really don't even like rosemary that much.  Chris probably will hate it and this is going to be a total waste."

Boy was I wrong.  It's delectable aromas started wafting out of the oven right before the timer went off.  Chris' eyes lit up when he saw there was sugar on must be good, right?

He started tearing off little bits as soon as I was done snapping a few pics.

Then it called for honey tossed berries.  I probably didn't need to add the extra calories, but come on, why stop here?

Top it with a little ice cream and here is a nommy treat all tucked away in one of my new turquoise fiesta bowls. 

Here is the link because I know you need to try it yourself now:

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