Sunday, August 12, 2012

Garden Exchange

Imagine my delight this morning when this little paper was sitting on the mat inside the front door.

Chris had been in and out earlier to read on the front porch and didn't even notice it!  I seriously had just been exclaiming about the abundance of tomatoes we have due to this insane Utah sun.  I go out to the garden every morning and have about 10 more ripe ones to grab.   These were all picked in the last few days.

I was on my way upstairs to start researching recipes even when I noticed the paper.  I instantly had a huge smile on my face because this was such a brilliant idea.  So many people in the neighborhood have gigantic gardens that were started before mine, so I'd been busy envying them this past last week.

Chris and I had even been talking about joining a CSA so that we could get fresh veggies. They actually have a few year round ones here in the Provo area.  Perhaps we will start later in the year now that we know there is a neighborhood garden exchange!

I grabbed two of the above containers and made Chris walk with me over to check out the stand.  Turned out to be this crate in front of a house down the street about a quarter mile.

How awesome, right?!  I was so excited! We checked out the inside and this is what we found (our tomatoes down there).

Here are the instructions printed to keep it organized.

Chris went and knocked on the door of the house so we could meet the genius that started this up.  She is a lady named Nelly who told us she loves gardening and always grows way too much every year so she decided to share with the neighbors and hoped they would do the same since her pepper plants and a few others didn't make it this year.  We told her it was a brilliant idea and we would definitely be back.

I snagged a few items before Chris and I headed home.  You can see her plethora of herbs just over my back in this picture.

Fresh basil, mint and parsley (my plants are still babies).

A beet and yellow zucchini.

They did have some lettuce too, but I was feeling a little greedy.  I'll grab it next time.

I'm pretty sure Utah just scored a point against Oregon in the community garden arena.


  1. haha! Ok I give you the point. This is pretty freaking rad. I may be the lady that does this in my neighborhood one day!

  2. As a non gardener, I especially like the sign that says "baked goods."
    I would bake in exchange for fresh vegetables any day.

    1. Joan I did not even see that one! Thanks for pointing it out...I will definitely add some baked goods to the mix as well.