Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hutch Love

My latest painting project was quite a doozy, let me tell ya.  I've slowly starting realizing why I used to get into so much trouble whenever I would nick my parents trim, doors, walls and painted furniture.  I now realize the amount of time, patience and effort all these things take.  I'd just like to say to my father, "I'm sorry...I'm so sorry."

This hutch I just completed had many nicks.  Many, many nicks.  A few of these were so deep that you could see the red shining through the black.  The red was the first color this hutch was when my parents bought over 15 years ago.  Five years later my parents turned it to forest green.  It remained that way another five years until my parents decided to do a complete overhaul of their family room.  They went a little too modern for the hutch to fit in anymore.

My senior year of college was the first time I got to decorate an apartment.  My friend Rachel and I were happy taking any hand me downs possible.  That little hutch got painted black and was then placed into my loving hands.  Pretty much the coolest piece of furniture I owned for the next four years.  OK.  It still is.  I love this hutch.  I'm afraid I'll never be able to part with it.  And now that I've painted it so freaking awesome, I REALLY can't part with it.  I'm sorry Chris.

I know you guys are jumping out of your seats right now, so I'll finally let you see it.

I know.  My obsession is weird.  But if you ever get to see in it person...

First step of repainting was to sand.  I didn't really have to, but I just felt like coat four was getting up there and it needed to happen.  Plus the black was glossy and I got scared thinking about all my old nicks.

After a solid hour of sweating in 90 degree weather with my mask and goggles on while annoying the neighbors with my sanding, here is what I was rewarded with.  It brought me back to middle school.

Quick!  Paint it!

You all know what comes next...good ol' primer.   I got a little lazy and decided one coat would suffice.

So before I unveil my beautiful new and improved hutch, let me remind you that it has held many things.  It's seen many collectibles, many pictures, many glasses, dishes and recipe books.  But it has never looked this good before.  I'm tooting my own horn.  Sorry mom.  The lighthouses were cool and all but...

I used the same color that is on the chairs for the inside, and used leftover light brown paint from the master bathroom on the outside.


And close up!

And now with some of my wonderful new shower gifts!  Ah!

This one is really just cause I love taking cool photos with our new camera.

I'm so happy with it, can you tell?   I know it's all becoming a little more beachy than I originally anticipated, but it I think it's a good thing since I'm Utah.  It makes it easier to dream we are somewhere tropical.  Sigh.


  1. Good job on the "pie safe". Mom and I found it in the bargain basement at Burke's. That was when "Country" was in style. It looks great!

  2. that looks fabulous! I love it!!

  3. I love it! It looks amazing. Glad you're filling up that dining room.......

  4. I love it; you gave it a very fresh face lift! Well done friend! Love seeing some of your new wedding/shower gifts inside it too, especially that lovely ruffled pie dish!!!

    - Kristen