Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bridal Shower in Beaverton

Just got back a few days ago from another short trip to Portland.  This one was thanks to Chris' mother Mary and the Bences' close family friend (a.k.a. second family), Kathy.  Mary has thrown a few bridal showers for two of Kathy's daughters, Kelsey and Katie, so Kathy wanted to reciprocate the gesture.  Lucky me, right!? :)

I had such a fun time at this shower that I didn't stop to take any pictures!!  Crazy, right?  So unlike me!  Good thing Mary took a few that I could steal off Facebook and throw on here.

The decorations were super cute and I loved the fun pink and orange colors she chose to go with.  She even threw in a few bridges for me!

And a shot of my new second family Kari, her son Will, and my future sister-in-law Kelly.

Here are a few of me opening gifts after a very embarrassing, but fun of course, game where I had to guess answers that Chris had given to them for about 20 questions.  I didn't do so well, but I think people got a pretty good idea of our dynamic at home.  I'm still blushing just thinking about it.

This one is of the awesome cutting board that Kari, Kelsey and Katie got for Chris to help with his dicing skills.

And here is me entranced by the amazing recipe book that my family friend and teacher from high school, Linda made for me.  Linda has always created fabulous, touching gifts at every occasion.  She is so kind and sentimental.  I got a little choked up later when I read the inscription.

It was so fun to catch up with people.  There was a great turnout of family and friends.

Here are a some shots of a few of the gifts I received...I love all of them equally...including the ones not pictured. ;)

My dining room West Elm rug from the Bence ladies.

Recipe book from Linda.

Inscription that made me cry.

Recipe I'll be trying very soon...

Pottery Barn lantern from Chris' cousin Lizzie.

Kitchen E A T letters from Linda and C&B Ruffle Pie dish from Kristen.

Some Fiestaware from Grandma, Mom & Aunt Diane.

And my amazing Kitchen Aid mixer from the other second family, Dave and Terry.  So purty.

My home is getting so much fuller and more amazing thanks to all of my fantastic friends and family.  Love you guys so much!

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  1. Ah! You got a KitchenAid Mixer - seriously the best wedding gift ever. I use ours all the time.