Thursday, August 23, 2012

So Fresh & So Clean

Finished the dining table a few days ago and I can't stop smiling every time I look at it.  Days and days of hard work truly paid off.  I'm so happy with the results.

I tested the new rug I got from Mary & Bence sisters at my shower underneath the table, but decided that it looks better off to the side.  It's just too jazzy to be hidden.

And for those of you who attended my bridal shower last Sunday, you will be happy to see that I am finally unveiling my teal camel.  I swooned over this baby when I first laid eyes on him at the Gresham Pier 1.  Of course, it took two more weeks for it to even arrive at the store in Provo.  The lady recognized my voice when I called on the day it actually got unpacked in the store.  She already had him on hold for me.

Here is our table pre me going through six sanding pads to get back down to the untouched wood.

Looks very nice, yes?  Mary actually painted the table black and refinished the top a few years back.  She informed me at the bridal shower that it used to be exactly what I just turned it back into.  Love it.

Here is after the insane sanding spree (I made Chris help halfway through because my hands felt like jelly).

I skipped the primer shot because it would have been a spoiler.

Here is the finished table with my wonderful rug underneath...

And here she is with the teal camel!!!

What was that? You want a close up?!?  I suppose...

And, no, he is not for sale.  Way to valuable being the ONLY teal camel in Provo, Utah.

Spoiler alert for the next post.  See that black hutch in the background of the first shot?  Might be my best work yet...


  1. That's one stunning camel! Love the table and the rug is fab too!

  2. Great work! Love the dining room set and the camel is amazing :)