Thursday, July 11, 2013

Antique Amazement

All right.  You know how in a previous post I mentioned there were no good thrift stores around here?  Basically three within the next town up and the next town down.  Ugh.

Well, when Papa John and I went on an outing one day while he was here, there happened to be a fire on the freeway right after we would have entered.  The wreck must have JUST happened.  Cars were just starting to back up.  Luckily, we saw it in time and decided to head over the overpass, turn around and take the back way to the Depot.  Instead we noticed the car in front of us turn onto a truck route that ran parallel to the freeway, so we figured we'd follow and see if it took us to the next freeway entrance.

It did.  And on the way I saw this beautiful sign.

I knew I'd have to go check it out one day and see what it was like.

That day just happened to be today.  I needed a hook to hang an old window in the family room and figured it would be a good place to look.

What I didn't count on was it being MASSIVE.  It was not just one warehouse, but two, and also included some outdoor goodies in the space in between them.

Here's a look at some of the fun stuff I saw.


And more windows

An awesome filing cabinet THAT I WANT NEED.

Old lockers

 Gazillions of bottles of all shapes and sizes.

Old school baby carriages.

Wood ironing boards.


Wooden ladders.

Old shutters.

Yard art.  I'll take either...


 Military gear.

Wooden skis.

Tons of license plates.

Kitchen appliances.

And much, much more!

While I didn't end up getting anything because most of the stuff is actually pretty pricey, I still thoroughly enjoyed walking around.  This place is a must see for anyone who comes to visit!

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  1. That looks like a fun place to explore!! I could see how someone could have a lot of fun there even if you didn't buy anything!