Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Backyard Update

Things are in full swing around here.  The garden is coming along pretty nicely.  Few things I know I'll do differently next year.  Like follow the rules on planting times.  My corn was crazy disfigured because I planted most of them too early.  Crossing my fingers for the larger two.  Peas got overwatered and I think I replanted too early for fall crop.  Lettuce I didn't pick in time so most finally bolted.  Still have a few varieties that are allowing me to eat them.  Green beans aren't really going as much as I would like...needing some trellis action!  Tomatoes, beets, eggplants and carrots all doing pretty well.

Even the tomatoes I planted by seed...maybe they'll catch up in time to get some in early fall.

 Zucchini is NUTS.  Easiest plant to grow EVER.

Baby decorator pumpkins I got started too early too.  We'll have some ready by September I bet!

Lavender is finally purdy!

The most exciting thing going on around here though is that Papa John is back in town!  The boys were working hard getting post holes dug for our fence to go up.  Dwight was an excellent supervisor!

How is everyone else's garden fairing?  I miss Oregon growing!

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