Saturday, July 6, 2013

Laundry Room Overhaul

The first Papa John project to be completed was the laundry room facelift.  Surprise, surprise, my laundry room was running out of space due to my new hobby and I was desperately in need of more shelving.

The original room just had one row of shelving above the washer and dryer.  NOT ENOUGH.  When I moved into the house I stole Chris' "shoe rack" and used it in the back corner for more storage.  Sadly, it only took one year to quickly outgrow it too.  Not only that, but it was taking up valuable floor space and made it another one of those extremely cramped, overbearing rooms.

Now I am truly kicking myself right now because I DID NOT TAKE A BEFORE PICTURE.  Ughhhh.  It was so bad.  Believe me.  Once I cleared everything out I realized I hadn't taken the pic and there was NO WAY I was backtracking on that sucker.

Here is the "shoe rack" somewhat cleaned off.

Imagine that tucked away in the back corner of this (minus the awesome new upper shelf) and filled with crap everywhere.

So as you can see, the solution was to add an upper shelf that wrapped around the sides.  At first it seemed like it really closed the room in and I was a little nervous.  After only one day we were all used to it already and it felt bigger again.  So weird.

Here is Papa John hard at work caulking.

In case anyone was wondering what lived underneath their washing machine, here is the answer.

And just think...this house is only three years old! Ick.

My job was the all the fun finish work.  After the shelving was finished I got the pleasure of priming and painting and putting it all back together again.

I think I could paint a room in my sleep.  Seriously.

All cleaned and primed.

And with a little bit of Chris help to put the washer and dryer back in their place and light fixture replacement, this laundry room was back in business.


We had a ton of vanilla paint left from the downstairs living room and upstairs hallway, so I figured we should just save money and keep it the same.

Of course, after we finished I realized we should have put a drying bar in for me so I wouldn't have to hang Chris' jackets on every single doorknob.  Luckily, all it took was one more piece of wood to nail on and then prime and paint.  We even had one rod left from all of our other previous closet overhauls.

Here she is all stocked up.

Yes, I know I have too many detergents...I'm pretty sure it's a year and a half supply.

My mom couldn't believe that I actually filled the entire thing up.  It is A LOT of space.  I guess I'll have to take a break from buying anymore bathroom supplies for awhile...

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