Monday, July 1, 2013

Bonus Room Finale

As you know from reading my blog, I've started couponing this year to cut back on grocery bills so we can spend the money on more fun things like all my projects coming home for weddings.  The only problem with my new found obsession is that it is getting a little out of hand.  My stock pile is getting pretty outrageous and a little unsightly.  Seriously, though, who can resist 16 boxes of pasta for $2.70 (yes, mom, I know it was your $2.70 that I never paid you back, but I mailed you those coupons!)?

Here is a picture of what my ever growing hoarding stash looks like.

Stop judging.  You wish you had all those Campbell's Go Soups.

The billy on the other side of the room houses my many puzzles.

Yes, I still need more.  Stop laughing.  Leave my cats out of this!

Since I spend a lot of my nights in that room relaxing and puzzling, I thought maybe a good way to avoid the temptation to keep eating past midnight would be to make some curtains and cover those shelves up.

Using the same methods as my earlier kitchen curtains I created these bad boys.  I figured having them split down the middle would be easier to grab things still than one giant curtain.

While they aren't the most gorgeous things, they get the job done.

And now for the final unveiling of the entire bonus room overhaul...

Here is what she looked like pre any junk removal (ok, actually there was a giant bench press behind the couch that Chris took out for me the night before, so really, it was worse).


I was so cramped in there I could hardly move.  I don't even want to talk about how hard vacuuming was.  Chris put up the black felt squares on the wall back when he moved in because he was originally going to put up a giant screen and have a theater room.  When he realized how much said screen was he scrapped that idea.  So while the felt did add some nice acoustics to the room, I just felt like we could do without.  Plus I would get some more nice wood to work with once I took them apart.  Muhahaha.  I swear I asked Chris first and he gave me his permission to destroy his hard work...don't think I'm that evil!

Here is a pic after I got every thing off the walls and prepped to paint.

Took me so long to fill and sand holes!!!

And here she is all cleaned up and beautified!  

So much more space!  It feels a lot cleaner and less stressful.  Love my new bonus room!

Last project will be a little ways down the road when I make some wood art for a few of the corners!

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