Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Media Cabinet Mayhem

This project actually started WAY back last fall when Chris and I decided that we needed to find a media cabinet for the living room.  We had no storage in there and everything for the TV was crazy all over the place.  Plus there was a huge open space just begging to be filled.  I looked around for awhile at furniture stores, but just didn't think we could commit to a $300+ piece right now.  Not when I know that we will only be here a few more years and I have no idea what our next home is going to look like.

So it was decided that we would try to find an old fixer-upper.  We checked out Deseret Industries and found an old dresser for $65 that we thought fit the bill.  Will a little love and tender care we could make her into a happy media cabinet.

After a whirlwind trip to the Home Depot a few towns north to rent a pickup truck for an hour so we could get it home, we were left with this blank canvas.

Gorgeous wood decorations...don't mind the broken hinge.

Stellar hardware...

Just beautiful!

Lol.  It was so old school.  But we loved it.  Loved it so much that it stayed that way in our garage for six whole months before we started working on it.

And I wasn't the one who even started in May.  I think Chris was so tired of it taking up space in there that he just went for it one day without even a consultation.  I was happy though, for some reason I just couldn't muster up the strength to tackle it myself.  He got it all sanded and filled in all the small wood detailing.  Even added some wood to the bottom to flatten it out.

Thoroughly modernized.

Next was my turn.  I got my mojo back.  I decided to use that same blue/green that I've used on everything else because that's what happens when you get a gallon instead of a quart of very expensive paint.  You are obligated to use every last drop.

Paint, paint, paint. And paint some more!

Finally time for distressing.

Turned out better with another color over the prime.  Love!

Next we took some 1/4 inch boards and filled in the old drawer spaces behind the double doors.  We needed a place to put the DVD player/game console and figured we probably shouldn't keep it as a dresser.  This is the media cabinet transformation.  Caterpillar to butterfly.

Paint, paint, paint.  Sand, sand, sand.  Hammer, whack, thump.


My favorite part of furniture rehab is up next.  Attaching those beautiful Anthro knobs.  YESSSSS.

And some Home Depot handles.

And voila!  We have ourselves a working media cabinet!

Don't mind those awful cuts in the back...this is what happens when you forget to drill the wire holes in the garage and no one wants dust flying everywhere.  Sometime in the future those will be cleaned up.  Until then, the doors just stay closed.

All beautimous...finally no cords everywhere!

What was that?  You wanted a close up of that awesome vintage window next to the TV?

Yes, those are more nautical knots.  Figure eights and butterflies to be exact.  By the time I'm done with this place we'll need to buy a boat so I can show off my skillzzz.

And just because I haven't shown you an up to date photo in awhile, here are a few more shots of the living room.

Wedding photo collage.

My awesome wedding pedestals designed and crafted by our very own Papa John.  Also featuring beautiful wedding gifts.

And the full frontal.

Hope you enjoy as much as I do!


  1. Absolutely LOVED the media cabinet! The color is amazing. And those glass knobs? Whoa.

  2. Great job, you two! Please keep up the inspirational photos and posts, Laura. I have way too much stuff in my garage waiting to be refurbished/refinished/repurposed!

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